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The first female Belgian PM

What would the iron lady find of our first female PM?  Margret Thatcher is nine years dead thus she can at most turn in her grave.  I’m a Dutch talking Flemish blogger who always envied the members of the French community for their hours of English at school.  You know, when at last I would concentrate on Wilmèes she was already gone from the Belgian government and until now for ever.

We can always ask it Angela Merkel, Theresa May and other female leaders, who knows even Eileen Collins, the leader of the leaders. Wilm`es said one day that she had four children at home. Personally I don’t see what is so wrong about that. Did Putin ever mention any of his domestic worries? Putin is a war seeker. That’s something if not yet fastened in the past then in any case more recently. Angela Merkel one day interrupted Putin during his speech if he wanted to marry her.

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