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B80 smart watch the perfect women’s birthday gift

Most smart watches are for men or most of them have functions focused on male activities. Sometimes see a unisex smart wart. But typical female smart watches are quite a rarity. One of these exceptions is the B80 smart watch for women with menstrual cycle prediction included. A perfect gift for your fiancé or for yourself if you are a woman.

B80 smart watch pricipal features

B80 smart watch is a typical health/sports/fitness measuring or monitoring watch. For females because of its smaller size and extra menstrual cyclus by intelligence predicting function. There is 24-hour continuous heart rate and blood pressure test with key indicators. Also sleep monitoring with sleep advice, steps, distance, calories and switch display. Moreover time/clock display, remote control camera.

B80 smart watch in different colors

The B80 smart watch metal parts come in different colors as silver, gold, blue, and purple. The strap is in red, blue or purple leather. The clock-face has a diamond shape in dark blue or pink. The screen is touch screen, tap it to bring up the menu and from there the desired function.
It is anti-sweat.

How water resistant is B80 with its I67 waterproof rating?

With a waterproof rating I67 it is not recommended to swim but it means that your smart watch is water resistent against a number of activities with water contact. These are washing your hands, washing dishes, walking in the rain, in the dust. All these conditions are no reason to take your B80 smart watch off, you can instead carry this item with you and record your entire physical activity all day long. Read more about I67 and I68 waterproof rating here.


The screen is 1.04 inch. This is relatively small for a smart watch what makes it a female smart watch. Compared with Zeblaze THOR 4 Pro 4g Smart MTK6739 Quad Core 1.6 that has a screen of 1.6 inch the B80 has a screen of more than 30% smaller.

System requirements

You can use the B80 smart watch with all Android 4.4 and above smart phones, also with the IOS 9.0 or above. Your smart phone must include support for Bluetooth 4.0.

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