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The importance of accurately taking your measurements

Suppose you ordered a dress online, but if you adjust it after receipt it turns out that it is too small or too big. In a regular store you quickly swapped it. This is sometimes also possible online even though you have to wait a few days each time instead of half a minute offline. But you are never sure. And that is why it is essential that you take the right measurements so that you avoid all discussions related to an exchange. Because no matter how you expect to get a free exchange it may as well be that you are told flatly that this is not the case.

Use the dimension tables!

Each description of a garment also has a size chart. Use it before you place your order! Take your measurements with a soft tape measure like seamstresses use one and as one is in each sewing box. Generally, a variation of about 1cm – 2cm difference is allowed due to a difference between brands, suppliers and production processes that produce items with minimal size differences. Below are some examples of the size charts as they appear in the online store when describing each item of clothing.


Size table 1

 Sizes table
Sizes table

Size table 2

Sizes table 2
Sizes table 2

Problem report

If there is a problem, such as a wrong size supplied by mistake or an item that differs from the product description, follow these steps:

  • Click on “Return” in the “Customer Service” menu at the bottom of the web shop page. Fill in the form accurately and send it. Do not wait with this. Do it immediately! Do not forget to mention the order number and shipping code.
  • Give clear, well-exposed color photos with the difference in size, that is to say photos of the surface(s) of the incorrect format lying flat with an adjacent tape measure or slider) or incorrect item(s).
  • After looking at the facts, we will offer you a solution.
    • If we have sent the wrong item, we will offer a full refund or send an alternative product.
    • However, if you have ordered the wrong item, you can return the product for partial refund or exchange. You pay shipping in both ways.

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