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Vintage clothing drop shippers how to find them?

Vintage clothing drop shippers may be the solution to increase the product catalog of your existing e-commerce site or to start up your online store. The method offered here is for only one giant wholesalers’ directory but that is known worldwide among most online successful sellers.

How the SaleHOO directory works

Before searching specific items watch this video and learn how the SaleHOO directory works. SaleHOO is a directory of over 8000 wholesellers and dropshippers worldwide.


Vintage clothing drop shippers in the SaleHOO directory


Ready to search? You can search for suppliers as well as for products. Clicking on “Clothing & fashion” in the categories’ pane will open a series of fashion wholesale or drop ship websites. Fill in the search input “vintage dresses”.

Refine the search results in the left column. Choose for “drop shippers” and locations “all”. You can switch between “products” and “suppliers”. Do you recognize the products as the vintage dresses seen in our store?

Write your article and ensure that it is a high-quality article packed with valuable information on your chosen topic. Make sure it is at least 700 words long.
Pick a keyword that is at least 3 words long and is relevant to your article. This will let you target easy, long-tail keyword traffic.
Put your chosen keyword at the start of your page title (i.e. your title tag).
Put your chosen keyword in your meta description (ideally as close to the start of the description as possible).


Put your chosen keyword at the start of your article title (i.e. your H1 tag).
Use your chosen keyword multiple times throughout the article.
Add 3 pictures to your article (Google loves to see pictures!).
Use your chosen keyword as the img alt tag for the first image on the page.
If you haven’t already, when relevant add mentions of SaleHoo throughout the article and hyperlink to the sales page using your affiliate link.
At the end of the article include a call-to-action for the reader to visit SaleHoo and post a big button hyperlinking to SaleHoo sales page with your affiliate link.


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